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Name:a little bit wildean
Birthdate:Aug 28
What ho, all! Also, greetings and felicitations, mae govannan, pip-pip, and any other more creative way of saying 'hallo!' you might fancy.

Pray come in- close the door behind you, it's rather nippy. This is my humble internet abode; look around yourselves, if you will, take note of the beads hanging in the doorways and the fifteenth-century tapestries decorating the walls. All the side tables are made of old orange crates, and the cold concrete floor can be glimpsed now and again under the noisily patterned rugs scattered about the place. Above the sofa hangs a large poster of a nude Janis Joplin, covered only by beads and her own hands. The bookshelves are well-stocked with Byron, Wodehouse, Tolkien, and Wilde, and a record player sits in one corner, fuzzily playing a Beatles album. A hookah sits on one of the orange crates. Feel free to smoke it if you like, though be warned whatever it contains may be hallucinogenic; I'm not entirely sure. Outside the windows is sprawled a rain-soaked metropolis, and the sounds leak through the walls; I can't afford a flat with proper insulation, you see.

This, I suppose, would be the place wherein I introduce myself, would it not? Well, here we go. I am a twenty-one year old of the female persuasion who suffers from many delusions. These delusions include thinking myself an actor, and fancying that I'm some sort of neo-hippy. But then, who can say what is true and what is not, aye? I am prodigiously a ginger, and bloody proud of it. I'm pansexual, and happily wear a badge on my purse which reads I KISS GIRLS AND BOYS. I have rather an unfortunate habit of speaking like a novel or a poor Oscar Wilde imitator, when I'm not stringing together six centuries of Britslang into the bizarre amalgamation that is my vernacular. I am of a rather appallingly artistic disposition- I act, sing, draw, paint, and write. There are few times I am not to be found doing at least one of these things.

While journals such as these are oft the site of a great deal of whinging and emo-osity, you shall find no such thing hovering about my domain. I am one of those people who, if they have no reason not to be, are generally quite happy. Of course, there will occasionally be exceptions to this rule, but you'll find no talk about my life being a black hole of despair. Unless I'm being ironic, in which case anything is acceptable.

What you will find

~Ridiculous, obsessive fannishness
~Raging hormones
~Pointless philosophy
~Many references to Doctor Who, Mark Gatiss, David Bowie, Paul McGann, Hornblower, Jeeves and Wooster, etcetera and so on
~Posts made solely for the purpose of avoiding schoolwork.
~Copious consumption of toast with marmalade and tea
~Gheyism. Massive gheyism
~Pimpage of my own fanfiction
~Sleep-deprived ramblings

And other, less interesting things.

As a writer, it is only logical that I am terribly fond of words. I love them. It's rather magical, when one considers it; 26 symbols, to be arranged in any way one fancies, therefore creating a plethora of meaning. Words are my paint and brush, if you like that thoroughly overused metaphor, with which I create a variety of scenes and images which you will read here. As a lover of words, I do also enjoy the simple sound of them, regardless of their meaning, and here is a list of some of the many words which I find to have a pleasing sound to them. Read these out loud; feel the shape and the progess of them on your lips and teeth and tongue; feel how they trip out into existence to hover in the air for a moment before disappearing like a fleeting breath of wind. Before I start being unbearably pompous, go on:

Dwimmerlaik, maharaja, otter, poseur, fender, savvy, spackle, resonant, surreptitious, westering, djembe, trees, sibilant, pluffy, imbecile, shenanigans, indubitably, ersatz, evanescence, Yorkshire, poltroon, pheonix, willowy, bollocks, delphinium, bagpipes, tigress, Wiccan, dauntless, Glaswegian, piratical, whither, incognito, muse, riotous, torrential, glacial, superfluous, muesli, beatnik, buttons, pansy, malingerer, sesquipedalian, freebooter, apathetic, whereas, hitherto, Dickensian, foppish.

Bisexuality is Real.

'I read you in my bed; I read 'till my eyelids were unkind.'
~Sue and the Unicorn

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Norrington is love in a wig.

The League Of Gentlemen are <3

Oscar is the god of Love

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a-bit-of-fry-and-laurie, accents, acting, acts of piracy, african drumming, age of sail, alice's adventures in wonderland, anthropomorphic cats, apsley cherry-garrard, apsley cherry-garrard/birdie bowers, being a grammar nazi, being a hippie, being a hippy, being the girl tenor, bertram wilberforce wooster, big finish audios, bisexuality, blokes wearing eyeliner, books, brideshead revisited, britain, bush/hornblower are canon love, classic rock, cloaks, confusing philosophies, corsetry, dancing-naked-in-the-rain, dark and disturbing fic, david bowie, delgado!master, dictionaries, doctor who, drag queens, dreaming, eddie izzard, eight/master/ianto-is-fucked-up-ot3, elvish, england, epic choral music, epic poetry, faeries, fanfiction, fantasy, femmeslash, finland, finnish, flailing like a madwoman, flogging molly, free indirect discourse, gay boys, gay pride, gender fluidity, going barefoot, grima wormtongue, groovy record shops, harpsichord, having-too-much-hair-for-my-own-head, historical accuracy, histories of middle-earth, hobbits, hopeless historical tragedy, hornblower, house m.d., hugh laurie, iamx, irish-ness, j.r.r. tolkien, janis joplin, jeeves and wooster, jeevesian eyebrow raising, jelly babies, jo grant's outfits, john simm, johnny depp, jonathan creek, key of e minor, king arthur, king of the mods, kinky hobbit fanciers, latin, league of gentlemen, lezzies, life on mars, linguistics, lord byron, lucy saxon, manchester in 1973, mark gatiss, merpeople, minor characters, minstrel music, monaboyd, monty python, morgaine of the faeries, mucking around with identity, museums, mythology, natural things, nightfall in middle-earth, nightwish, nutella, old books, old english, old growth forests, omgtheirloveissocanon, oscar wilde, outmoded british slang, paul mcgann, philosophy, pirates, platonic dualism, political incorrectness, prancing, procrastinating, proper grammar, qi-is-a-queer-idea, radiohead, rain, religious debate, renaissance faires, rings of power, robbie ross, robots in disguise, rock'n'roll, romantic era, rosencrantz and guildenstern, sarcasm, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, singing loudly to myself, slash, smoothies, snark, sociolinguistics, sparrington is snarky love, stephen fry, tapestries, tea parties, the beatles, the divine comedy, the gay stereotype, the history boys, the hobbit, the master, the mediaeval baebes, the mighty boosh, the silmarillion, the smell of libraries, the victorian era, the welsh language, the who, theatre, theorising, tim roth, tom stoppard, trees, unnecessarily grandiloquent speech, wingless balrogs, withnail and i, wolfgang amadeus mozart, writing, writing for sparta, zagreusseesyouinyourbed&eatsyouwhenyou'resleeping, ziggy stardust

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