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Because I love you like a mad, loving thing, and wish I could have got you a proper pressie.
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Title: Prove To Me That I Am Not
Wordcount: About 1,900
Rating: PG
Pairing: Eight/Jacobi!Master
Summary: During the War, the Doctor pays a visit to his oldest friend.
Disclaimer:  I own nothing!  Who belongs to itself, as the Master and the Doctor do to Derek Jacobi and Paul McGann, etc etc.  This is only for my own twisted pleasure.

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Randomly hit by a wave of nostalgia for playing at DDD, threading with Fell and Gidget and Aimee and Clare, the whole lot of them.  I haven't a clue why.  *sigh*  It was nice, I suppose, being in a game.  And I mean, even not being in one, there are certain people one finds about the multiverse, certain RPers that one strikes up friendships with, and with whose characters yours develop distinct 'verses and relationships, but there's something about being in a game.   I should get on doing Delgado's app for Taxon, perhaps, or else put a little more thought into that River Lethe comm idea Jasper and I had. 

Perhaps I should play some of my old characters again.  Bertie especially.  Poor boy was my very first muse, and I haven't got him out in aaaaages.  Been all preoccupied with Who, I have.  But then Who does that, it eats your brain.  Bertie, or James.  My very first two- my only two muses for the longest time, before I slipped into the bad habit of picking up whim muses.  Denise, I fully and entirely blame you and your bad influence for this.  Filthy enabler.

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So, I figured I'd try out a little thing called liveblogging whilst I watched Planet of the Dead, rather than try and type up something detailed and thoughtful afterwards, because I'm a lazy sod like that.  Ah well.

So!  My thoughts, as I went along.  Beware of occasional squee and capslockery


Planet of the Dead )


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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people. (If you want me to.)
2) Provide pictures and the names of those 3 people.
3) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.
4) Post this meme with your answers.

The lovely [livejournal.com profile] mind_the_tardis  has given me two sets:

Delgado!Master, Simm!Master, and Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt, Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, and Ford Prefect

Because clearly she is cruel, and I am indecisive as hell.

Let's start with the first set!

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I have no words to describe the utter awesome of this.

I think 'HOMG' will have to suffice for now.
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Because then this goes and pops up, and I can't decide whether to laugh or make 'Aww' noises at him

That man is such an incredible dork.  It's amazing.  *hearts him*

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I've been struggling with writer's block for ages and ages, and so today I biffed over to [livejournal.com profile] whoniverse1000  to see if I got any inspiration there, and would you look at that, I did!

Chip and Cassandra

It's a tiny wee ficlet of a thing, but I've written something, dammit, and that is good.  Baby steps, eh what?

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So, the Beeb's gone and announced who they've cast as the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who.  This is him:

picture under the cut )

Matt Smith, his name is, apparently.  I, personally, have never seen him in anything, know nothing about him.  Frankly, I think he looks like he ought to be the frontman for some indie band; looks a touch young for the Doctor, in my mind, but I am totally willing to be hopefully optimistic about him.  After all, the Moff is the one who cast him, and he knows what he's about.  In truth, my main thing is that seeing who'll be cast next has somehow solidified the fact of Ten's eventual regeneration.  And that just makes me squirmy.  I understand why it's a good move for the show as well as for David- it's the same thing they did with the Nine-to-Ten regeneration; he'd changed over the course of the series, affected by Rose and his travels since the War, and it was time to become a new man.  That's what Ten'll (hopefully) be doing over his last few specials; RTD will be wrapping up the whole Lonely God thing and the Doctor will have grown into a different place, so that a regeneration is entirely appropriate.  

And of course, it'll be excellent for David to be able to do other things, expand his repertoire, so to speak.  He's a wonderful actor, and brilliant as the Doctor, but one doesn't like to restrict oneself, after all.  Already, in this gap he's had from not doing a regular series, he's done Hamlet and Einstein and Eddington, which is fantastic.

But still!  I heart Ten.  Ten is my Doctor.  Nine was the first Doctor I ever saw, and whilst I do adore him, I'm just so attached to Ten.  I get what people say when they talk about 'my Doctor,' and for me, that's Ten.  I'll be very sad to see him go, but I'm interested to see what this new bloke can bring to the Doctor.

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Oh, Who.  How I love you.  In all your ridiculousness- your convoluted plotlines and crap monsters, and the way every time is the worst threat the world's ever seen- you are so, so brilliant.  I mean, forty five bloody years!  Well done, sir.  I would post a huge long rant about everything about Who that is awesome and epic and amazing, but my mind is stuck in 1973 at the moment, so I shall restrict myself to this.


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I'm sick right now and probably feverish and hallucinating, which is not exactly brilliant fodder for posting thoughtful, intelligent responses to things on my lj, but oooh, do I ever approve. 

I did a little flail when Harry Lloyd appeared and went 'I know who you are!'  I swear, every actor who's ever had a tiny part in Doctor Who inevitably finds themselves doing other film together, it's a bit of a weird thing.  But then, it's Who.  It's ubiquitous like that.  Gorgeous camerawork; I can't say I know much about such things, but the colours are all so sumptuous and lush and gorgeous- all the silks and beautiful fabrics against white skin and dark hair in the court scenes, and then suddenly you have SEXBY and battles and everything's still just as sumptuous and lush and gorgeous but in a filthy, bloody, muddy way.

SEXBY's name, incidentally, is going to be capitalised every time I mention it here because JOHN SIMM, I WANT TO HAVE YOUR ACTING BABIES.

Speaking of SEXBY- John Simm here on blisteringly good form, as ever.  I had to laugh at first because our initial introduction to the character was of him as such a creeper, lurking around corners and nicking Angelica's garters at swordpoint, but he becomes soooo badarse.   And John Simm has the marvellous ability to make potentially clunky writing (That whole 'do not draw your sword unless you be certain of the day' monologue) sound gorgeous.  He's just so gruff and brooding and filthy and scruffy and... om nom nom.  With a scar.  And a sword.  And bizarrely idealistic, which was unexpected and rather lovely from such a cynical, mercenary type- that scene towards the end where he walks out of the Parliamentarian's camp. 

I saw this somewhere on lj in a squeeing response, and it sounded amazing, so I must repeat it here- just that Angelica has got such gorgeously milky white skin, all I want to see is for SEXBY to get it all dirty with his filthy, filthy hands.  Which- nom.

I also weirdly came away from it with a desire to see SEXBY/Rainsborough.  We shall see, as the programme progresses, if this desire remains constant.

Angelica's visions of the Devil- bit weird, that, but I haven't got any real complaints, because my mind is busy going SEXBY.

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I just discovered this picture of a rather young Roger Delgado as Athos in BBC Television's 1954 production of The Three Musketeers

Can I even say how much I approve of this?  No, I don't think I really can.  Only that it makes me want to write crossover fic wherein Athos is actually the Master in disguise, because, really, when is the Master not in disguise?   I have been on such a Classic Who kick lately, and have utterly fallen in love with Delgado!Master, so, yes, this makes me much of the happy. 
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That would be my attempt to cheer myself up. 

The reason I need cheering up would be this: Doctor Who Casting Spoilers Contained Herein


Can everybody join me in an epic, fist-shaking NOOOOOOOOOOO?

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Because I'm always seeing this Writer's Block thing up on the lj home page, so hell, why not?

The Doctor, from Doctor Who.  Probably his Tenth incarnation, just because, as I watched New Who before I saw any of the classic stuff, he is, as it were, 'my Doctor.'  (Also?  Pretty, and that tropical heat might force him to take off a few of those layers.  *pervs on Doctor*)  Just because seriously?  The Doctor is made of win.  And is expert in getting out of bizarre situations.  We'd be off the island eventually.  And while we were waiting, we could have the most fantastically random conversations!  Because I don't think he'd go all emo were he stuck on an island, he'd go into manic, bouncy, dashing about and talking a million miles a minute, let's-figure-out-how-to-get-off-and-even-if-we-can't-ooh-that-is-interesting mode.  Which I would enjoy most thoroughly.  We could try and catch fish and whinge about how impossible it was.  Great fun.
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ETA:  This is not mine.  I merely found it, and thought it amusing.
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Am feeling rather ill.  Hmm.  Unfortunate.  Retiring to bed, methinks, is in order.  Hopefully shall feel better in time to go to work this eve.  Not sure why am typing in this particular fashion.  Bridget Jones on the brain, perhaps.  Doubtful, as have only read book once, whilst waiting about in a hotel lobby in York.  Still.  One never knows.

On unrelated note- 'Of No Consequence at All' (Master/Lucy, PG)

More fic!  The Muse is pleased with her humble servant.
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I have written a fic.  Another fic.  Another Doctor Who fic, in fact.  This one's for [livejournal.com profile] earlwyn.  Written for her, because she asked it of me.  It's fluffy and occasionally smutty and contains Doctor/Rose.

Calendar Days
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DOCTOR WHO ZOMG I AM SO EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE RIGHT NOW IT'S RIDICULOUS AND... GAH!!!  So emotionally unstable, in fact, that I just went for a run to purge my system.  And, if you know me, you will know that I never exercise, ever, and if I do, it's not something ever avoiding running.  I make a point to avoid running.  And I just went for a run.  Ahem.  Anyway.

Ok.  Um.  Let's see if I can collect my thoughts on this episode into something even marginally coherent.  Ahem.  Right

Cut for many, many spoilery type spoilers )
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I posted a fic!  After not having been able to complete or post a proper fic since this February, this is ridiculously exciting, it really is.

'Baby Got an Atom Bomb'- (Master/Lucy), R

This makes Barrett very happy indeed.  Now hopefully the bit of Doctor/Rose fluff I'm writing, and the epic Chameleon Arch fic will follow in this one's footsteps.  And the LoM Bowie one...
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Muahaha; I iz in England.  And I haz an internets.  Victory is to be belonging to me nao.

Doctor bloody Who!  If Donna is dead, there shall be some serious smitage going on, let me tell you.  Though the episode was brilliant, as one comes to expect of Stephen Moffat.  I'm sure I had a lot to say, but I can't really think of any of it now.  Because I fail at life.  Bollocks.  But I am alive and well and being generally groovy over here in England, in case any of you were wondering.  Life is fab.  Weirdly, I enjoy baked beans and tomatoes as part of my breakfast.   I've got to know York well enough that I can wander about and not get lost.  Which, if you know anything about me and my sense of direction, is a feat.


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