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Having finally watched the series opener of Doctor Who, I have the thinky thoughts.

So, I know that everyone’s banging on about Oswin’s line about dating girls being ‘just a phase’, but that’s not actually what bothered me about this episode.

Let’s talk about Amy and Rory. Let’s talk about the fact that once again, Amy has been entirely reduced to her uterus. I’m not trying to reduce the pain of infertility here; if you want to have kids, that has to suck. Further, for Amy, it must be a painful loss to have not only her daughter stolen from her but her ability to have children at all. But, seriously, if you want kids, there are other ways to do that! There are surrogates, there is adoption. Infertility is not the end of the world.

Now, I was absolutely prepared to believe that having settled down on Earth for a while, it turned out that Amy and Rory just… didn’t work. Rory loved Amy more than she loved him. He wanted to do the devoted domesticity thing while Amy wanted to be a glamorous supermodel and keep on having adventures, even if they were of a more Earthbound variety. Because yeah, they married young, and then spent however long jaunting about time and space being shot at, with, to some extent, a third party in their relationship. That’s a very different dynamic to a settled, employed, normal life. Maybe that just worked better for them— or for Amy, at least. After all, it’s been established that Amy is kind of screwed up. And by established, I mean established and then largely ignored, but we’ll pretend. All of that I would have bought. It would have been sad, because I like Amy and Rory, but relationships end, it happens.

But no. Amy can’t have children. And instead of oh, say, talking about this, acknowledging that it’s an issue and looking at the options for the future, about what they both want (I stress both want, because in the episode, no mention is ever made of whether Amy herself actually wants children), what they can do about it, Amy just decidesthat she is going to ‘give Rory up.’ She doesn’t want to, but she feels that since she can’t give him children, she has to. We are not living in the 1600’s anymore, guys. And can I just say, hur-bloody-rah for good communication in relationships.

And then, of course, it’s resolved neatly by the end of the episode. It’s too easy, and too transparent. I don’t know, it annoyed me. The episode as a whole I found kind of underwhelming.

Also, was I the only one who totally saw the Big Reveal with Oswin coming? Maybe it’s just because Big Finish already did the Daleks dreaming themselves human thing.

And yes, yes, we get that the Doctor is full of Hate and Deep Loneliness, yadda yadda.

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