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This is the post wherein I talk about Yuletide!

This year I got a fantastic fic, I See With My Eyes, in response to my prompt for Matrix fic dealing with trans* and/or genderqueer issues.  It approaches things in a very interesting way, and does so entirely with OCs, which is not something I'm usually huge on, but this fic does it very well.  It succinctly sculpts character and mood, and furthermore, was written at the last minute as a pinch hit, so go read! 

My own fic, which I may reveal as it is past the New Year, is this:

A Dream of Wind

A Peter Pan fanfiction, in which Mrs. Darling sorts through Mr. Darling's thoughts, and discovers the Neverland, amongst other Things.

I've wanted for aaaaages and ages and ages to write Peter Pan fic about Mr. Darling and Captain Hook, and this ended up being something else slightly to the left of that, but I am quite pleased with it nonetheless.

Also, thanks in part to [livejournal.com profile] earlwyn, and in part to the fact that the new Sherlock Holmes film came out last month, I am revisiting my love for Sherlock Holmes, and also have developed a mildly unhealthy obsession with Robert Downey, Jr.  I have been watching allllllll his films.  Even the bad eighties ones.  And the ones set in the court of Charles II that involve horrendous wigs.


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