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Hello, dearest darlingest Yuletide writer of fabulosity!

Are you excited for Yuletide?  You should be.  I am excited for Yuletide.  A pre-emptive thanks for putting yourself out there to write me something, as is tradition.  I am all sorts of excited to see what you come out with, and am sure it will be excellent and fabulous. Here are ways, however, to make it even more awesome.

Things Wot Delight Me and Make Me Roll Around: Unique use of language and obscure/archaic words, historical accuracy, fiddly details, black humour, unconventional relationships, semi-colons, realistic and well-rounded depictions of queer characters, awkwardness, realistic dialogue, UST, kisses, literary and historical references, worldbuilding sneaky nods to canon, endings which are also beginnings, snark, banter.

Things What Harsh My Squee: Non-con/rape, poor spelling and grammar, characters behaving OOC-ly, or being dumb for purposes of the plot

Gallifrey-- Leela/Narvin

Leela/Narvin. What's imperative here is the snark! Snark and grudging respect, and possibly wild monkey sex that Narvin has no idea what to do with, because he is a srs, repressed Time Lord.

I'd love something set during Series 3, during the civil war, with them being all revolutionary together and discovering that they are secretly each awesome and competent and maybe kind of need each other in the current circumstances. Which neither of them are pleased to realise.

For this one, what I say is basically what I mean.  Gallifrey has many things that I love; it has ambiguous characters, it has circuitous, complicated political plotlines, it has people being forced to reevaluate their priorities and figure out where they stand in changing circumstances.  It's that last one that I really love, especially as concerns Narvin and Leela. 

I know I only requested Narvin and Leela, but Gallifrey is nothing if not an ensemble piece; Brax and Romana are more than welcome (I have a particular soft spot for Brax), or other recurring characters, if you have an especial fondness for, I don't know, Matthias or Darkel.

Actor RPF-- Jack Davenport, Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley

JackDav during the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean films; basically what I really want is him and Keira Knightley being ridiculous and adorable together, with banter and fond mockery, and JackDav being smug and a little awkward. Neither would I be averse to some JackDav/Keira. Johnny Depp is welcome to wander through to make an appearance.

The first thing to do for this, if you haven't already, is to listen to the DVD commentary on Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl by Jack Davenport and Keira Knightley.  It is the most hilarious thing in the world.  Once you have done that... that is basically what I want. I want the way that sometimes happens with actors on a project, where they can quite quickly develop really cute relationships. I want Keira being young and ridiculous and JackDav being a little teasing and smug and also ridiculous, the absurdity of the fact that they are doing a film about pirates, in the Caribbean, and they're not allowed to go outside and tan because they're ~British, and absurd wigs, and possibly trailer sex.  Because trailer sex would be hot.

I'm not actually really fussed what you do with Johnny Depp; what I really want is the JackDav and Keira, but I am a bad person, and Keira Knightley was not offered as a character.  I'd love to have him as kind of a bemused third party to the other two, whether they're just friends or having some kind of on-set tryst. That said, if you know lots about Johnny Depp and adore him, by all means, get creative, get him involved!  I'm not particularly interested in 'shipping him with either Keira or JackDav, though.

Also, pls to be ignoring that JackDav is married.  I know he was at that point, but I like to pretend that all this exists in a magical bubble of single-ness, because angsting over adultery is not fun and rompy.

The Matrix

I want something that explores being genderqueer or trans* in The Matrix universe. How do the gender/sex dichotomy, image, and gender presentation work for those who have been unplugged, when their appearance in the Matrix is entirely based on self-image? Switch would be a great character to do this with, but you can go with anyone.

So, for this, I'd love something that both considers individuals and the larger world.  What is the difference for people who identify as GQ or trans*, and what's changed about how the world-- the real world-- regards such people, when the mental can manifest physically.  Has a different vocabulary developed for it?  How do people react and adjust when they've been unplugged, if their physical body in the real world is different from their mental one in the Matrix?  There are all sorts of issues that I think could be explored in fascinating ways.  I mentioned Switch because she (zie? he? take your pick) is one of my favourite minor characters in the first film, for no other reason than that she's a badass, and really does stand out hugely from the other characters-- wearing white, a suit instead of skintight leather, etc.  Perhaps there's a reason for that.

This is a one to be careful with, so if you're not trans* or genderqueer yourself, or, like me, just obsessively fascinated with queerness and gender presentation, I recommend doing some research!   This is a bit of a massive and terrifying list of resources, but there's some really good stuff there.

All of that said, if you already have a storm of ideas roiling around in your brain that have nothing to do with any of my rambling prompts, let them loose!  There is nothing quite so lovely as getting a fic for Yuletide that is something you never knew you wanted, but once written, is Everything You Ever Needed in a Fic.

If you have any further inquiries, I should direct you over to [livejournal.com profile] earlwyn, as we cohabitate in each other's brains.
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